10 things you probably don’t know about cocoa butter

1. 53% of cocoa butter are essential fatty acids. As the human body can’t naturally produce these acids, we have to bring it from somewhere else 2. Cocoa butter has antioxidating, healing and soothing properties. It’s perfect against skin burns, stretch marks and chapped skin. 3. Cocoa butter protects the skin and helps regenerate skin […]

They’ve tried 6k Cosmetics

Hey beauties ! Today we’ve decided to talk about our favourite hair and skin care products to use during wintertime. Like most black individuals, our usually dry skin tends to dry up even more during winter, especially with hard water (with lime deposits), very cold temperatures and products that aren’t really suited for our type […]

Do you know what shea butter is?

Shea butter is a natural “4 in 1” product as it takes care of your hands, hair, body and face. How to use it? It’s fairly simple, pretty cheap and very efficient. Shea butter, we have it here, plus we’re giving 10 tips on its different uses. What is shea butter? The shea fruit comes […]