About us

Be naturally gorgeous

Concerned with my daughter’s wellbeing, I only wanted to use healthy harmless products on her beautiful hair and skin. Seeing how natural products works wonders, and making the sensible choice of fair trade, thus 6k Cosmetics was born in March 2015.
Granddaughter of a local producer and supplier of plant oil in Togo, I’m carrying on my family’s expertise and has a desire to share it overseas and across borders. Our plant oils are handmade in Africa and the Antilles, using my grandmother’s traditional methods. This ancestral knowledge certifies our products’ quality. This ancestral knowledge certifies our products’ quality.

Our products

Our plant oils

The beneficial properties of vegetable oils have been known since ancient times, nourishing, protecting and moisturizing the skin.
They are used just like cosmetic creams and are not harmful, they don’t contain synthetic preservatives and are more cost-effective and efficient than most cosmetic products sold in department stores.
Unlike hydrating creams, plant oils don’t bring water into the skin. They form a thin waterproof layer on top of skin to form a natural barrier and to prevent water contained inside the skin to evaporate.

Our plant-based butters

Our plant-based butters are all 100% pur, natural butters made from high quality ingredients. They are available in 100mL, 250mL, 500mL jars.
Whether you have dry, damaged or just normal skin, these butters offer you their many virtues and properties. Check out our beneficial butters below…

Our accessories

Here at 6k Cosmetics, it’s not just oils and butters, it’s also soaps, powders and accessories personally chosen and made for you. Don’t worry, they will take care of you in your daily routines.

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