Know the porosity of your hair and the right treatments

What is the porosity of a hair? Porosity   is the ability of hair to absorb hydration, i.e. water. It can be low, medium or high, the ideal being to have an average porosity. Why is it important to know the porosity of your hair? When you know   the porosity of your hair   […]

Our summer essentials

The sun is very beneficial on morale, but it is also good for our hair. It allows them to push much faster by making them stronger. Indeed, the sun not only allows calcium to attach itself thanks to its vitamin D but also to further accentuate the blood circulation of our scalp. Although it is […]

Benefits of oil bathing on hair: How to use it

What if it’s THE solution to heal the scalps that pull, the dry lengths and the damaged tips? The oil bath instructions. What is a hair oil bath? The oil bath is a treatment before shampoo. It is recommended with frizzy, curly, curly, coloured and dry hair. But it can be adopted by all types […]

10 things you probably don’t know about cocoa butter

1. 53% of cocoa butter are essential fatty acids. As the human body can’t naturally produce these acids, we have to bring it from somewhere else 2. Cocoa butter has antioxidating, healing and soothing properties. It’s perfect against skin burns, stretch marks and chapped skin. 3. Cocoa butter protects the skin and helps regenerate skin […]