Know the porosity of your hair and the right treatments


What is the porosity of a hair?

Porosity   is the ability of hair to absorb hydration, i.e. water. It can be low, medium or high, the ideal being to have an average porosity.

Why is it important to know the porosity of your hair?

When you know   the porosity of your hair   it is an important step in learning about your natural hair.   It allows us to adapt its routine   with the right hair products and the right gestures so that the natural hair is healthy   and   silky.

How do you know if your hair is porous, bit porous or very   porous?

To do the porosity test on your hair, you   need:


  – Take clean hair,   wash it beforehand or after your shampoo

– Put water in a clear glass

-Then put that hair on the water and observe it trajectory 2-5 minutes after

You will be able to conclude what your hair porosity is   thanks to its position in the glass and how to repair and care for   it.

A non-porous hair   (low   porosity):

 The hair stays at the top of the glass, it has a low porosity   this means that the cuticle has   the scales well closed. They   breathe poorly and lack hydration because water has difficulty penetrating the cortex. Hair looks shiny and dry  but also have difficulty getting wet on contact with water.

TIP   for non-porous hair: 

– You are advised to make a clarifying shampoo   to remove any excesses that stagnate and mouths the scales.

– Use heated caps or hot oils in your hair routine   to open the scales and let them penetrate them huiles

-Rinse your hair with warm/warm water

-Apply care, i.e. leave in conditioner or vegetable oils   on slightly damp hair with a vaporizer

-Avoid care with heavy vegetable oils   such as castor or shea but   instead favour light vegetable oils such as sweet almond, avocat, argan, jojoba

Average porous hair:

The hair stays in the middle of the glass, it has a normal porosity porosité normale   this means that your hair is   normal and healthy. They   regulate moisture alone by letting it penetrate the cortex as needed. 

THE   TIP to do for a hair of average   porosity:

– There are no special restrictions except to have a regular hair   routine.

A porous hair   (strong porosity):

The hair stays at the bottom of the glass, it has a high porosity porosité élevée   this means that the scales are too open. They absorb too much hydration quickly and let it go away easily.

Hair quickly becomes dry, brittle and fragile.

THE TIP   to do for a hair of high porosity: 

– Promote masks with vegetable oils   or powders

– Rinse your hair in cold water or the last rinse water with cider or lemon vinegar after making your shampoo   to close the scales.

-Apply a vegetable oil or butter to put after   the moisturizer in a small amount to seal the hydration that is to say kept the hair hydrated.

 -Use protein-rich treatments.

Be beautiful in nature!



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