Benefits of oil bathing on hair: How to use it


What if it’s THE solution to heal the scalps that pull, the dry lengths and the damaged tips? The oil bath instructions.

What is a hair oil bath?

The oil bath is a treatment before shampoo. It is recommended with frizzy, curly, curly, coloured and dry hair. But it can be adopted by all types of hair.

How to make an oil bath?

To make an oil bath, only 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (to customize depending on your length). Slightly damp hair is coated from the root to the tips and placed under a warm towel if possible or a care cap. It can be applied the night before to get it in, or about 20 minutes before shampooing if time is running out.

For fine hair with greasy tendencies, simply avoid the scalp and apply it only on lengths.

The lipids in vegetable oils deeply nourish the fiber by penetrating the scales of the hair, as well as the scalp. A real nutrition bath!

What are the benefits of oil bathing?

By intensely nourishing the scalp, the oil promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair and therefore a better volume. On the lengths and tips, it brings shine and softness by smoothing the scales on the surface. Inside, it strengthens the fiber and thus limits the breakage during untangling.

When to bathe in oil?

As often as possible and even before each shampoo if one can on very dry hair. A healthy scalp and well-hydrated hair are the key to beautiful hair.

Our selection of vegetable oils:

“Tobathe in oil once a month is to do nothing at all, or almost anything.”

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